I will post you as Life.

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Before I climb this mountain, and before I promise you my happiness… I will paint you my glittering smile, and wipe your falling tears. Before it all even more, before I promise you a journey of beautiful dreams, I will take it to my heart to call me ‘yours’. I will end clouding your thoughts; I will let my eyes explain these feelings. I will call myself ‘love(d)’.

Before I confuse you and before I dance around your fears, I want you to know that this last summer I watched the sun rise. I watched the lonely hours turn into long days. I came to figure out that no one really cares and I should not allow myself matter to them.

People will come as I go, some will heart my smiles and circle my waist, some may actually care. But I realized that some will paint you lies and except from you honest truths. But here I am, telling you (my favorite stranger) I am older and the dark circles have made me wise. You make those people matter, and you are the only one required to change when they derive you out of the equation.

Indifference does not wound, it is going along the lines of lies that kill and caress my sweet revenge. My life story is in these very lines of a hard year, a treacherous summer and a lost sense of found freedom. I am writing my memories, and I am clouding your eyes with these few paragraphs but, I just redefined myself and I am re-appreciating the good things in life. And maybe, just maybe, I have had the power of coloring your heart with a little shade of wonderful.

Ofcourse I love you.

But I will always be me, and I will change the meaning of ‘you’.

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    Abeer said,

    September 1, 2008 @ 4:50 pm

    Loved the last line!!!!!!! You will always be you, and you’ll change the meaning of me?!!
    Would you explain this part? I mean, when you said to change the meaning of you. by which means you’ll change it?

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    your battlefield said,

    September 1, 2008 @ 6:04 pm

    I will change the factor scale of importance of certain people, I will disregard their existence. But I will still have them in my life, only they do not have an importance to my heart. There names are just words, and you make them meaningful.

    My mind, my soul and my body are the means by which me will change. I changed its thinkings, its lovings, and its rituals. People are made to matter, if you dig deep inside yourself and find that one of them just doesn’t quite deserve your time, changing you will make it easier accepting reality & gather your belongings to move on. We also experience a change in ourselves for the better, & we never will have most people be constant in your life – only a handful :S.

    I hope the explanation made sense. :S 🙂 Thanks for the comment, I hope to hear more from you.

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