Heart accident.

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Stop breathing and pushing against my heart. I want you to push back my words. Let me choke. I should know better, but a piece of me broke. I broke again. I said never again.

An itched out figure, with two black eyes. This is not good, the past died. Two caring hands, that stole my heart. Used it for storage, and then hardly turned back to say goodbye. I just heard the car ignition click, and your gas pedal sink. I wanted you to turn the lights out. I wanted to cover myself up in a classic sheet of uneasy feelings, the windows outside are breaking. The wind is whispering against the glass, and the rain is falling hard. I tried to hold them back, but they started falling. Its raining my storm.

You are driving by an ocean, and my eyes are drowning.

Work your windshield wipers, I covered your shield with memories.

Deep brown eyes, my heart always lied about the honest truth. It is not that I love you again, I just care and it does not die. I tried real hard. Blame my open heart, and the speed bumps that edge against my chest. The chapter you read to me last night, I closed your book quick. I lost that page you bookmarked, you should never be able to find the same sentence that you started reading.

You let me go.

I am sorry.

You said I should go.

I wish I had a hole in my heart, instead I think you have it in the mirror of your car. The objects in the mirror really are closer then they appear.

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