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I tried to hide you in my heart. I honestly failed. You see, you’ll always be in my eyes. I wont deceive me, I really don’t know what to do. I have to stop saying. I have to stop. But I cant stop this feeling. Help me bury it.

Bury me.

Deep to my knees.
A thickness of mud,
Clump the waste against my heart.

I have to bury my love for you.

Because you
Your not as you usually are
Your almost as dead as that rose I gifted you

I should smile for you
Mask my sadness
Just for you
I’m closing my heart from you again

Your in love with someone else

Right now

Everything is wondering
Wonder where you are
Wonder if she keeps you up at night
Wonder if you actually know what love means

Because you failed to find it in me

I really loved you

Just remember the moment of our insanity
My heart was in yours
Yours is still buried in mine
You’ll always be

Buried deep
Deep in my heart
You supply me with blood

I only wish in my eyes
You would realize
That my eyes genuinely love you

I don’t know why
I don’t know until when

But I don’t know anymore
I wish you would let me know you

My only wish is
I hope you are well
I hope you are great
You are in my heart
But I have to force you out

I must stop caring
Because your in love with her
I have to dig deeper
I need to be chest deep in the mud

I need it to remain buried
I’m back to remaining silent

My first lie I gift from my heart

I hate you.

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