Chapter Ends, hello beautiful.

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My world did not shatter, and the glass I had assumed was still embedded in my heart does not live there anymore. I am free, and I feel extremely beautiful.

You know the lesson in life that matters, those who mean the most do not matter anymore, and I am perfectly okay with that. Love is an ability, and you can lose it.

I lost the ability to love, and I am fortunate, because it does not exist in this world.

I feel beautiful, I am honest, and I can barely keep the smiles from describing my feelings. The few meaningful tears I cried changed me,

but after they fell, and after I wiped the salt residue, I am perfectly okay with everything. As much as I try to hold onto a past that died and will never re-exist, I am in love with myself, with my life, and I never need anyone.


Thank you for the realization, Thank you for the perfect chapter ending, and Thank you for a beautiful beginning of a beautiful me.

I end it as it is, it is what it is, it is a beautiful rose, picked premature but still, the reddest shade and crimson. I loved you,

but not anymore.

Methel el zmaan Wada3tek o galby ma3ak walakeen .. It ends, It ended. Your pull, was a push, and I am glad

Here we go again,

Endings are beautiful.

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