I wish you happiness.

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Love is an ability. I honestly say .. I can predict and tell .. that for you it is in abundance. You love some one new ..  and then into the past you immerse yourself  .. A force of magic has you in love with the feelings that I can not bother to understand and why you are still desiring and willing to go back to. You are absurd. I find it a mystery. Its a waste of my energy to try to solve you.  Do not love, or at least keep it in a box.  Express love. Bury it after, do not come tell me.

Lying is easy. But a lie can always guilt the reality of a truth into understanding the person you trusted so very much with your precious life .. your empty soul .. your intimate being .. is actually a crook .. a nighttime thief .. who enjoys breaking things and leaving without bothering to replace or fix the broken pieces.

The past can teach you to determine your ridiculous notion .. your first instincts about a person always speak the truth .. so when you thought twice .. it was a blessing but .. trespassing .. boundaries no longer known .. cultivate an idea emphasizing passion, love and belief..

I promise I wish you break hard.

Into a million and one pieces.

I love pieces.

Shattered all over the carpet floor.

Remember disclosing information to the world, and then disclosing the facts of your situation can benefit .. but trust is a big step. I do not trust you. I never should have.  Considerable people, considerations, consider the ultimate hurt that will always follow when you trust in someone .. they always let you down. I said nothing wrong.

If you disagree, call a lawyer.

And tell them to sue,

For deception,  on the basis of false pretenses , it was my form of mental abuse that I leveled into your mind ..  I had no intention for pain. If you can fight the chances of distance, if you can tell me that hearts grow fonder .. and people actually care .. you have a case.

Love is for the weak, at least tonight I say so.

I wish you happiness.

At least I want you to believe I actually do…

Black hearts are trouble.

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