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Bedayet at3ab wentah ma tadri 3aini

Bedayet at3ab wentah bkil e7sas

Te3awadt tensani

Abeek te7es o tesma3

Abeek tesma3

Nabthaat galbi

Lik galb

Wentah leh meta bteg’tel gal’bi

Ma tabeeni


Webtdayet at3ab

Galbi ma 3ad feeni

Galbi ma adri waini

Muthaa ayaam

O 3awaam

Ma dri lo teshafeeni

Gewaat el jefaa

O ma adrii

Tara dam3eeti ba3adha tes2al 3alek

Yalli 7abetek fil 3omr mrrh

7aram tel3ab bilsho3or

Adri enik reja3aat laha

Adri enik galb ma yestahal nabthaa

Rejaa3t te7baha

Ebte3ed leb3eed

La tejeeni ba3ad esneen

Ya 6eer fel semah

Ya ghareeb

6eer o gareed leb3eed

Bil semah ma abeek

Gareed o gani 7ub leb3eed

Tara galbi

Galbi enjar7 o ma 3ad yadri

Enta taketh eli yebe3eek o yeshterek

wallah ya denya

kil shy o la bd leh nehyah

Ebtes2al 3ainii

Wellah btegtelni

Ma adri

Walkn adri


el 7ub ma ye3nek

Heart accident.

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Stop breathing and pushing against my heart. I want you to push back my words. Let me choke. I should know better, but a piece of me broke. I broke again. I said never again.

An itched out figure, with two black eyes. This is not good, the past died. Two caring hands, that stole my heart. Used it for storage, and then hardly turned back to say goodbye. I just heard the car ignition click, and your gas pedal sink. I wanted you to turn the lights out. I wanted to cover myself up in a classic sheet of uneasy feelings, the windows outside are breaking. The wind is whispering against the glass, and the rain is falling hard. I tried to hold them back, but they started falling. Its raining my storm.

You are driving by an ocean, and my eyes are drowning.

Work your windshield wipers, I covered your shield with memories.

Deep brown eyes, my heart always lied about the honest truth. It is not that I love you again, I just care and it does not die. I tried real hard. Blame my open heart, and the speed bumps that edge against my chest. The chapter you read to me last night, I closed your book quick. I lost that page you bookmarked, you should never be able to find the same sentence that you started reading.

You let me go.

I am sorry.

You said I should go.

I wish I had a hole in my heart, instead I think you have it in the mirror of your car. The objects in the mirror really are closer then they appear.

Delete, but remember.

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You have to keep your lips tight, your mouth shut and you should get out my life. You understand, I understood. You said you felt but feel that the sensations were nothing more than what was.

I can atest to lies behind your words. An echo of silence, when my act of breathing began to hurt. Easy in, breathing out. I disfigured your image from my heart, and I burned your letter in the dark. I found you a puddle of liquid, liquifying my disgruntled heart. You were not the disaster I wanted to rip me apart.

A lighter and a cold wet cloth. I torched those letters we previously formed. I wiped the ashes from when they burned, and I brought those memories from above the dirt. I could care less and I can’t say more. I want the words to go shallow, and the rain to stop pouring all over my clothes.

You can volcano against my life, but you don’t have no right anymore. You chose to shut that door, and walk away. I’ve realized my worth and my eyes didn’t bother to look. I closed them shut, and those tears I pictured to course and fall, they didnt play their part.

I didn’t shed one tear at all.

And I didn’t find you, because you were out of mind.

I can atest to three words, aside from your cold heart, “I hate you” will never say enough.


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Pathetic words
Your pathetic excuse to love a heart

Let me remind you

You burned my skin
You fractured my limb
But that’s in the past

You now come to realize

I still feel
I to you
Am very weak

Talk with your words
I am not talking back
I told you

I excused you

A shame I believed you

I wrote your name on a stone
Scratched it twice
I tried to itch your heart
Into mine

All I have left now is a memory
A dark bruise

A little smile nestled in the heart of an excuse

I do not believe you
I do not believe love
I do not want to tell you

And yet

I still wrote you two words
But I refuse to let you know

Men esh ma5loog galbik

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Lesson of the year: come up with something – a type of drug, that can enable memories to die, other than having long term amnesia.

We grow up to find this world isn’t really what it seemed to be.

I need a game over,

or try again.

Is that too much to ask for?

a5er kalam

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Min meta
Min meta tadri 3an’ah
Min meta galbik da’rah

Min meta
Min meta ya malek el da’mar

Yali kelma mink ten’zil el dam’3ah

Tej’ra7 bus’taan 7ol’lah wu’rood
Enta tadri
Ena el worud
Ma 3a’dat’t worud

Yali galbik sawaad layel wenta mas3ood
Tadri men youma7h magdar atkalem
Magdar agool

En kan fe balek azra3 wardah min jeded
Asfah tara thaak el taraab eli kan
Ma 3ad yekoon

Bs 3ndi lik a5er kalam
Yallah ya galb
Tara ma 3ad fe thaak el mekan



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Reja3t ya ghalee .. Reja3t o tadri
Reja3t tabeeni .. La ya 7abebi
Ro7 .. ebte3ed leb3eed

La tethen eni barja3lik .. athmik wa beek
wa gelik  .. eni amoot feek

Wesh feeha el fargah .. Wesh raje3ak
a5ehran 7asat feeni ..
a5ehran galbik yabeeni ..

La ya 7abebi
El farga fargah ..
El dam3ah dam3ah
3yonik kanat 3yoni ..
Galbak kan ye7wani..

bs ya ghalee ..
kil shy wera7 ..
lama ghebt enta 3ani

lama be3’tni..

ro7 allah ma3ak …
ro7..  ebt3ed  .. ensa

legat enta gharee ..
balgah ana gharik ..
walkan ma wedi begharik ..

ma wedi ..

wedi akser galbi

Abeek  tensa
Ee na3am abeek tensa
Ro7i te7ebk
Kanat te7ebk

O lil asaf tabek

Ya Ro7 el Ro7

Ment daree 3an eljroo7
lo tadri
lo dareet

denyatik tisba7 be5her

Ro7i lil abd
Ro7i ma tadri wesh el 5her laha
Ro7i ya 7abebi lel7een taraytheek

Abeek te7es
Abeek tadri

ma adri
ma adri laish
ma adri laish ro7i tabeek
Ya ro7i  bil lah laish amot fee

ebt3ed leb3eed
terja3 le ma abeek
ma agdar abeek
ment le o ana mo lik

el galb enkasr
kebart ana 3an el 7ub


Rooo7 ya 5ahwan

Ro7i ra7at ma3ak

Za7mat Jroo7

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Alf mrrh gelt’t’ley ebte3ed 3ani
Alf mrrh gelt’t’elek el’tahab galbi

Alf mrrh je’tek oo galbi me7’taj el 7aneen
Alf mrrh oo dam’3eti tenzil 3ala 5hade a’beek

A’beek te7es feeni
A’beek tet’thakar ma’thee
A’beek te7es 3an galbi
Abeek tadri

Tara ghe’reb el fargah
O adri enta
Enta tem’shi be’3ed

Mebte3ed 3ani

Meb’teli galbi
Yen’zif mena j’roo7
Damey mithl damek

7ubi kan ak’thar min 7ubik
7ubi lik madri kayef awusef gus’2atni

Ma’gdar eni ma a7ebik

bs enta7a

Alf mrrh

Ay kelma mink ma tef’rag
Mad’foun fil galb
Jare7i akbar min jar’7ek

Taraak de’fanet galbi fel taa’rab
O madri lo tadrii
Ely mad’foun bil tarab
Me7’taj se’neen me7’taj

wesh feek yale 7abetk fel 3omr
wesh feeni ya shams mebta3ed 3ani el gumar
amshi ..

went be3ed 3anha

o lama sheft el gumar tabkii


el denya murrh
o galbik 5alee

5ala9 ma feek
5ala9 ma wedik as’ken galbik
5ala9 mebta3ed ba3eed
Alf mrrh geltelek tara denyeti ent kent shamsha
oo al’2an asba7t thel’maha

temshi darbik wallah tadri feni
eli kan fe galbik  .. madri wainey

denyetik ya galbi

ma 3edt tabeeni
galbi endafan

oo me7taaj seneen yeshfa men kelmat 7abeebi

You don’t remember.

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I use to say I feel dead inside. But now I just feel tired. Your eyes couldn’t measure the heartburn. And my lips couldn’t taste your hurt. I tried so bad. I would’ve tried for a long time. But it doesn’t matter now. It’s a bad feeling when you break stained glass. It’s so familiar. All goes silent, but before silence, it was very loud. It was beautiful.


Not to long ago, I was alright. Usually you wouldn’t expect so much to change overnight. But now the world is empty. Very empty. Everyone chose to walk away. And the lights are blinding my eyes. I remember having a heart. I remember the times, and now I’m emptied. Of almost everything ..

So I use to say I feel dead inside. But now I don’t have feelings. And so I’m not justified to say. A part of me died.



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I miss me
I miss you
I miss the past
I miss what was
I miss the fragments
I miss our clauses

I miss everything about you
Your scent,
Your taste,
Your touch.

I never had enough.
I will never too.

It’s all silence now and you don’t give me words. You don’t want too. I have trouble breathing. It’s all way too hard. I always find myself on the ground now. The lights are too dim, and my heart isn’t giving. I’m not anymore who I wanted to be. I miss you. I’m mentally locked down. My smiles are too well rehearsed, and you make it hard to smile when you don’t want to sound a word.

Remember when I imagined it could be the same again.

I was wrong again.

I don’t want the same, I want to go on. Forbidden chances, you lived once – I can tell you I don’t imagine I’l live it again. I’m dying a thousand times lately, especially during the nighttime, when the moon is out again.

Would you ..

Sit next to me. Play with my hair. I want to feel the care again. On any side of the coin, I want to be tossed around. I want you to side. Chose a side. Would you stand beside me? And catch me? I trust you .. I’m going to fall on you  ..

It hurts a lot.

You have to catch me this time, no strings attached.

Everything is in the distance now. Thunderstorms happen twice a week. And the missing sensations, they come along everyday. It’s really beautiful pain. You don’t wish to take it away. Grow up stronger, pick the pieces of broken and realize – at least it happened.

The hard times will get worse, and I just want you to be around. With no strings attached, I’ll give you my heart unconditionally. You don’t need to give me anything. Just your presence.

I miss you, you don’t have to miss me. I just want to feel.

It will get better again.

Seven times ,..

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You light a cigarette, a flame surfaces against the tip, your red lighter, its all chipped. Half empty your killing me. Your eyes are sure, your only tired.  I always understood, that a fire needs to be fueled. You just lose it. You feel lost without it.

The cigarette now, it use to rest on your lips.
Its just ash now, and spent.

I spent some time.
Stop it.

I fall to ground, searching to find the spent ashes. You watch with the taste of tobacco still lingering on your tongue, I feel you inside of me. I know how a fire burns.
The ashes travel from the ground now, they rest in my hands.

Kiss of a cigarette
Im missing
Its missing
the scent of being in use
you stare at me

I’m sure you already know.

I stand silent, holding a cigarette from your pack. I sandwich it between my lips. I take your lighter, you tighten your grip. The lighter is not in my grip. You lose it. You feel lost without it.

An ash kisses the edge of your cigarette,
I touch the tip of your cigarette.
Ash fall to ground,
With my touch,
The cigarette is lost to ground.

You grab another from the pack. Number six. Just speak the words  you use the cigarette to bury. You spent last night with a lighter, and a solid heart just confused. I spent last night loving you.

I do not want to confuse you, cigarette fall down.
I only want you, not the cigarette.

We’re breaking apart.

You smoke the world’s worry, another flame surfaces between the tip. Your red lighter, its all with time you’ll eventually quit. If not, I’l start.  A touch lives. Your strong hands entangle my fingers. I touch the edge of your cigarette. Stop that you said.

I want control but the cigarette is white lined yellow with straight lines. Im color blind in love.

I’l always be standing back, I hold your pack of cigarettes. You, with another cigarette now.

Your burning a fire, too hard to control. When your out of them,
If you want to light a fire, and the sensation of red is between your lips,
Why don’t you stop and hold something else
Light my fire instead.
My heart

Spread the ashes
All over my chest
I promise to start a fire
I’ll make it dark red.

I’ll be your cigarette.

Your a beautiful memory,

so I cried last night.

Titleless, please forget.

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I think I’m bleeding from the inside out. Its really hurting, from the inside. You have no idea, how much it hurts. How deep it all goes. It dies. I died. I feel dead. I’m colored in red. The color is red, and I hate it. The sensation screams pain, and I dread it.

I want you to know, that each bruise indented a memory of a past mistake. I felt my heart skip beats, and my smiles shallowed. Each blue mark against my skin, my dry eyes, my swollen lips, I want you to have my heart. I remember feeling delicate. I wish life was simple, and the puzzles fit. I want to smile again. I want to find a reason to smile again. Take my heart, I don’t feel the beautiful things anymore.

I’m cold inside. I’m hurting. It’s like there’s a poster sign attached to my body. Step over me. Please abuse, then discard. I’m human and the words you used, the words you spelled, the words you wrote all over my body with permanent ink – it wont ever get erased. I’m losing enough blood, I never wanted more pain.

Why do you give me more, when I never asked.

Can you please understand. I want nothing more than the necessary.  I want to find hopeful answers in a bowl of crunchy cereal. I want you to remember how I looked when I poured you a glass of milk, and my tears rained onto your spoon. You once said, my reflection is beautiful and my heart is rare. I can’t feel the heartbeats anymore. I’m lost and I wanted so much.

But I want to be a little girl now. I want to be innocent to the ways of this world.

On the kitchen floor, kneeling over the spilled milk, and the I have only one word to tell you It will all go away one day.

Be patient.

Its so loud.

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An old man’s sleeping on that brown bench over there,
And the black coffee in my hand is growing cold.

I hate the smell of coffee.
I hate this heat.

I haven’t been quite the same anymore.
I haven’t been who I was anymore.
Does it matter anymore?

I’m going to go for a walk.
I’m going to go for a long walk.

I remain on the sidewalk,
Breathless and searching.

I stared at you,
I blinked.

My eyes felt foggy
And the rain
It started to pour on us.

You drank your coffee.
And I watched you in silence.

You can paint me.
You can chalk the words onto my skin.
You can talk.
You can forget.
You can wait.
You can do what you want.

But I’m hurting insde.
I’m as cold as the coffee.

You can close my eyes,
I will lie very still.

I keep seeing you in the nights,
I keep seeing you and I get very cold,
I see you when everything grows silent

I see you.
And then I lie very still.

This hurts too much.
I want to sit beside the old man on that bench,
I want his story to pain my hardship,
Its always falls apart
When you find security

I don’t know how this goes
I don’t know if the hurt can go
I just know that the coffee is old

I want to close my eyes
And lie very still

I want to go

Please break the silence,
I want to smile again.

Blind eyes.

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From this reflection of glass I watched your cheeks turn plum red. I could realize that our eyes didn’t blink but once. So I watched as the smiles danced around your eyes. And my heart told you; it’s only a little time before our hearts completely stop.

Stop. Look away. This is pure torment. Your sensual I’m passionate. You start to desire, and I start to visualize how I’m going to set you ablaze. This is guilt. It’s painful guilt. I want your lips. I want them to travel everywhere. I want a meltdown. I want this fire to start, to burn strong, to burn dark. The temperature rises to hot. Lets stop. Stop watching each other before we get burned.

I watch you closely;

I’ve realized that I’m missing you more.

Even though,

I’m seeing you a lot more.


I always loved you, from the very start.

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A part of me I lost completely.
A part of me I lost within you.
A part of me I found spoiled.
A part of me I do not want to be without you.

I do not understand the meaning of forever,
And I do not know the meaning of old.
I always want to ask you, why were you never blue enough?
Why, when I want to hold you ..
Why, when I want to hold on tight ..
You let go briskly ..
When I find myself,
Complete in your arms.

I can not stop wanting,
To let go within you
To let life become you
To let myself love you.

You burn my fire, as you touch my tan skin
You stare into my dark eyes, as you plant deep kisses into my surface,
The sensations draw a wave,
From a cold ocean,
The waves are all we have
And I drown this time.

Complete and lost
Complete and gone.

I want to understand, why the skies with you,
At night time, are never cold enough,
Your hands are sage and dark,
And your eyes are completely lost.

I want to hold you,
I want to hold on,
To you,
To a frame of a picture,
When the picture is completely torn.
I want to tear myself apart,
Within you,
And your eyes always realize
That my eyes are never cold,
Their loving, and willing, and passion filled.

I love with my heart.

The tears that will fall,
Traveled a distance from the desert,
To touch the petals of a dry rose,
Kiss the lips of a homeless beggar,
Graze the hands of an innocent prisoner.

My tears are yours forever.
I will miss you when you go,

I will miss you when i go.
My heart will keep ..
Keep loving ..
Keep touching ..
Keep missing ..
A heart that was always white.

I will treasure ..
The moments ..
The hours ..
The minutes ..
As ever,
As long

If they last.

I want & I love.

Would you keep me in your heart?
From the distance?

Would you come,

I always did love you, from the start.