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I’m still here.

Did you forget?

Well I forgot.

I forgot that a heart made of stone sealed with brass and colored red still makes my heart ache. I forgot to remember you instead. You are the prince of my desert, a man behind a mask – I remember tigers are tame and never hiss. They do bite.

So I miss you.

And I hope to forget

That you did not actually forget to remember who I am or was.

Reunion in the rocks,

Reunion and rub the sand against my calves.

Trickle cold water on my lips.

Itch a marker colored black on my bones and whisper softly, “Why would you expect I could forget?”



Grasp my wrists.

And slowly X my heart.

Watch my chest still.

Do you hear me breathing ..

I just sent a cold chill that traveled to the top of your spine.

Do you know that your heart is beautiful even if you did forget.

Your eyes are always beautiful even though its been a time now, a long time now and I miss watching them become mischievous.

Can you figure it out .. I have to forgive myself.

Imagine if you see me in a week, would you look past the difference.

Would you come to me.

And finally

Forbidden storm,

Have you realized that I am someone special.

Or should I …

Trust that you can remember.

I actually trust you again.

And you have forgotten to remember me for weeks now.

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