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The lights are off. You are in the dark. I did not think my heart could sweat. My body is warm from this long silence.

You start stepping into the distance. Across the darkness, you open the cracked window and lay a hand on your chest.

I shivered. I keep shivering, as you wait for me to speak. You start to wrap moist memories and wet my skin. I am shivering in the heat, as you watch me in total darkness.

A chill rides down my back. I tried to grow roses around my eyes. You watched them wilt from the inside.

I tried.

I lied.

I keep remembering only the good times. When the cold breeze brushed against my lips. I remembered your words. I am sinking deeply into an open grave of emotions.

It is true. I have missed you. I am growing to find comfort in my silence. You are growing and yet inside, its dark and things are dying.

I tried breathing out. You simply stopped. You were, and I was. You gently touched the cracked glass and slowly, a smile painted itself on your lips.

You will always live in my heart.
Even if things grow silent.
Even when the cold hurts.

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