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Your touch,
Heals my fragility,
Kisses my pain,
And I breathe easy again..
In your heat
You’re healing,
As you touch me,
I breathe fragility,
And those kisses are dreaming…
‘You’re amazing..’
It will get easy.
Trust me,
Your whispers..
Were very soothing.
My pain is here.
My eyes are here.
I keep dreaming of you,
And hear I am.
Your stunned.
With resilience.
I would do anything,
But never could I…
Tell my lips to stop..
Tell my heart to stop..
Tell my soul to stop..
Missing you.
I still miss you when you’re very close to me.
Irreplaceable heart.
Remember me, please. 
We spoke silently
We remain
Speaking in silence
My tears bleed,
My body misses,
My mind wishes,
You are always here,
Even if you are absent.

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