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I came. 
I saw. 
You conquered me. 
I came. 
I lost. 
I keep losing me.
Breathe easy. 
Take it easy.
Control is a word. 
Control is a feeling. 
I am losing me.
Find me anything..
Fine me for anything..
I tried.
I keep trying to erase it.
I tried.
I keep trying to escape it.
I push.
I pushed harder on the gas pedal.
I tried to be.
I am tired.
But so easily.
I am shattered.
I live a day by its time.
I lived today.
I breathe easy.
I tire easy.
Blood shot eyes.
So tired.
Forgive me for grieving.
For grieving over a sunrise I am not allowed to see.
For grieving over a sunset I am not allowed to see.
Forgive me.
I lost myself.
Come conquer me. 

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