September Bliss.

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You itch at my heart but I do not grieve anymore. I did not realize that the fact of the matter is, I do not see the butterfly wings anymore. I just feel. I decided to enjoy the feelings and ignore what follows.

I’m becoming selfish. Ignorance is bliss.

The colors do not exist, and my methods of trying to let it go – let all things go requires reassessment. In between the lines we are always remaining beautiful.

Intricate bliss. Delicate chaos.

I do not know why I have it as it is, but my insides are not secure with glue. I can not help but smile and tell you, the world treats you so much better when you take actions with out expecting anything in return.

Be selfish. Act sinfully toxic.

I have reached delicate ecstasy in terms of thinking. You and I are ridiculous. You and I will always remain in between lines of respect and our ends can honestly be summarized in a devious smile.

Naked words exposed, you have the right to spell anything on my skin. I also have the right to erase what I do not want any other soul to see.  A life lesson is in every action we take each day. I am learning many great lessons and I am trying my best to approach it all with a clean new heart.

Approachable, my heart is beginning to discover the beautiful things again.

Love yourself more than others.”

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