Satisfaction threshold.

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A touch of yellow and a taste of red, my body is numb from the bottom of my soul to my exposed chest. Touch, taste, and smell. A sheet of silk wrapped around my head. I sound dark and lust the feeling of breathless. There’s a sun-kissed fire burning in my lungs. Smell the scent.

A touch of grey and a taste of black, my heart is charcoal and the blood oxygenating my heart is poor. Touch the beat. Taste the blood. In a white dream my skin is silk. With a moon that’s lonely and my lips soft, my color  becomes satin red. Flushed cheeks, warm hands and the fire is still burning strong. Smell the scent.

A touch of color against my chest, A taste of water wetting my dry sins. I am a paralysis of the mind, and you are the thief of a restless night.

To my heart,

I never stop loving and my eyes never stop giving.

To my black soul,

Do not be ashamed if you are left standing alone – just satisfy your threshold.

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