Moving Again.

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Lonely piece of furniture, I sit beside you in a sea of brown boxes, I feel so empty. Do you not feel guilty? I carefully taped the edges of those boxes, and filled up the containers with memories of passion filled love. I was beautiful and loving. I miss myself. Remember once how I felt so alive. I felt unbreakable, strong, but now I break in the silence of a moonless night. Things have changed. I changed myself.

Where are we? I tried to find myself in the contents of those boxes. I could not find me anywhere! I need you to start searching. Where am I? I thought you were going to help me find myself.

I feel so lonely.

Frail eyes and weak lips, the mountain of forever is collapsing.

And I was standing below, and now the debris is covering my soul.

Blow the dust off my chest.

A heavy weight is sitting on my chest, a taste of salt is on my lips, and I miss myself everyday more and more. I feel completely empty, and the inside of my heart is bruised. I whispered I was lonely and yet I found a sad smile forming on my lips. How can I smile in this loneliness?

Fumes of a match break my silence, and the smell of spent is on my mind. Can you believe how much can change in a year, month, week, day, hour, minute, and the scariest of them all was in mere seconds. I feel so different. I thought you were meaningful. I found meaning in you. But now I boxed you all together, a piece of life, a piece of love, a piece of hatred, a piece of lust and used black duck tape to seal the past.

I am moving now, and inside the sea, you are still capable of drowning me. I spent a year trying to find myself, and now that I have, I lost her again. Passing in the night, all I found was silence, tears, and a sharp feeling in my insides. I walked late last night, a mile and returned to my doorstep.

I came home, to a place with mounting boxes, and things packed together for a permanent move. I realize that time only heals the wounds, and then an action progresses the hurt. I am growing stronger, but remind me again why do I feel so lonely right now.

I had a passionate heart,

I think I lost it in the last move.

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