Silence loved.

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A delicate hand touched my crimson cheek. I was dressed in sinful red, and you were mesmerizing – your eyes, lips, and hair. You were in the darkness, it was a black night as I lowered my eyes. I was walking with your soul late last night. I walked slowly. You could feel it all. And I remembered the beautiful pain and all.

I was breathing hard, and you were dreaming soft.

I pictured you, picturing you picturing me. A flashback stinging, you were breathing heavy and I lay silent.

Silence loved.


A delicate black rose,

I owned the dark night,

And you were handsome in white.


A dream was living, as you died. And I smelled of smoke, I was burning cold.

Insatiable love.


I am giving.

You were guilty.

I was searching late last night.

It is only a dream,


but it feels so real,

and I remain silent.


Silence loves,

At least it told me so.

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