Meaningless May

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A meaningless hurt. I grasped a pencil and I held your wrist. I gently stroked the palm of yours with words. I am spelling it to you. I feel meaningless. And you do nothing as you feel the movement except stare back indifferent to the touch.

Can you believe it. I lost it. The lead of that pencil broke. And attached to it was the meaning, and a seed began to tense my core with frustrations and lust. I wanted to nourish my heart with a supply of oxygen rich love. I breathed in nothingness.

I keep the hurt pricking my veins to myself. But I broke the silence with ….


I told the silence that I can no longer give.

I have given much to recall if I understand the value of that joy. I am playing my feelings and it is I who I destroy. I staged this all in the dirt, and the seed keeps growing inside of me.  I sincerely hurt.

As you placed your cigarette ashes on my stem. I felt sun kissed.


Let me try this again.


I came, I left and the windows of yesterday reminded me,

You can live with out emotions, easily.

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